Types of Foundation Cracks

Noticed foundation cracks? Seeing cracks in the foundation is scary, since this could mean that your home has sustained extensive damage that requires expensive repairs. The good news is that now you see the cracks and can take action before more trouble results. There are a few different types of cracks that can occur in your foundation. Each type of crack is just as unsettling to discover as the next. Interested in learning more about the types of foundation cracks tulsa ok?

Vertical Cracks

Vertical cracks are the most common type of crack homeowners discover. It’s also the most severe type of crack. This type of crack goes straight up and down. They’re often times the result of settling foundation. Even New houses may experience vertical cracks. The good news is that foundation crack repair professionals are on the job to make the repair and it’s one of the easiest, most affordable types of cracks to repair.

Diagonal Crack

A diagonal crack is another common type of crack homeowners discover in their foundation wall. This crack is usually seen at a 30 – 75 degree angle. It is seen in the form of a thin hairline crack that is wider at one end than at the other. This type of crack is oftentimes the result of differential settling, or   when one side of the foundation settles at a lower level than the rest of the foundation. It can be the result of a home being built on a slope or soil expansion.

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Horizontal Cracks

Horizontal racks run sideways in the foundation. This is not as common as the other types of cracks, but it is the most serious. This type of crack is oftentimes seen in homes that were built with poured concrete foundation.  If you see a horizontal crack in the foundation, don’t wait to make the call to get a repair.