I am sure you have heard the old saying, don’t play with fire.  Well, the same goes for dealing with electricity.  Electricity is a very powerful tool that has given our lives great value and convenience.  We have lights, heat and can-do massive amounts of work with ease due to machines that use electricity.  However, if you start playing with electricity or doing things that that could cause electrical issues problems can occur.  This is why it is important to hire jacksonville electrical contractors whenever you have a job to be done.

Don’t do it yourself

The first mistake people make is trying to do it themselves.  The simple fact is that if you try and do it yourself you are more than likely going to mess it up or make it much worse.  Watching YouTube videos or doing a Google search doesn’t make you a certified electrician. 

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Grounding yourself

The act of grounding is where you are on a nonconductive surface, away from water and there is no possible way to have electricity or an electrical current pass from the source through you into the ground.  Ways to do this is to have rubber souled shoes, wear protective gloves and work on a wood bench nothing metal.

Check for live wires

Electricity travels through wire.  When we are working on projects, we will have exposed wires around us.  To avoid problems and to ensure that you don’t accidently hurt yourself or others check for live wires.  If you have live wires, turn off the power immediately and use electrical wire caps.  These caps will create a nonconductive barrier between you and the wires.  If the power is turned on by accident or on purpose you won’t be exposed to these wires.

Taking extra care and precautions when around electricity will ensure that you are safe and that no harm can come to you or others.